The Best of Goose’s Gabs

I’ve written a lot of game recaps over the years. I feel like for most sports writers, the grand majority of the first five years (at least) of our careers is spent on recaps, and I think doing so many for Goose’s Gabs gave me a leg up once I started doing it for pay.

But every once in awhile, another game recap just doesn’t fulfill my creative needs. Every so often, I need unleash my inner columnist and tackle the big issues of the sports world.

Or I just want to see how many Star Wars or penis references I can cram into a 1,000-word post (answer: a lot). Whatever.

Here, then, are my 10 best serious and not-so-serious opinion pieces written for Goose’s Gabs.

The Funny

A Letter to A Bulls Center — 11/12/2010

Now Witness the Full Power… — 12/8/2010

Which Super Heroes Would Make Super Athletes? — 6/18/2011

Rob Gronkowski and Porn Star Bibi Jones: Which is the Hotter Tight End? — 10/24/2011

Celtics Sign Sasha Pavlovic to Apparently Second Season — 12/14/11

Heidi Watney Breaks Collarbone Playing Ultimate Frisbee — 1/11/2012

What Terrell Owens and Randy Moss Taught Chad Ochocinco — 1/29/2012

Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam! — 2/14/12

The Ultimate “Worst Idea Since” — 2/20/2012

Christmas at the Garden — 12/11/12

The Not Funny

Giants’ David Tyree: Anti-Gay Marriage, Pro-Idiocy — 6/21/2011

BarstoolSports Readers Also At Fault for Naked Photos of Tom Brady’s Son — 8/12/2011

NBA Must Win Back the Fans — 11/27/11 (also published on, but originally written for Goose’s Gabs)

Despite Winning Appeal, Ryan Braun Still Guilty — 2/27/2012

Tim Tebow Deserves Better — 3/21/2012

Saints’ Payton Violated NFL’s Image, Gets One-Year Ban — 3/22/2012

NFL Must Lead Charge Against Dirty Hits — 5/4/2012

Is The Homophobic Tide Finally Turning? — 5/25/2012

Complicity Proves Costly for Penn State — 7/24/2012

Armstrong’s Ban is Cycling’s Death Knell — 8/25/2012

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