Go Huskies!

Because of how hypocritically ESPN debated Northern Illinois qualifying for the Discover Orange Bowl, I hope Jordan Lynch and the rest of the Huskies goes out and crushes the Florida State Seminoles on New Year’s Day. (Photo by Dave Reginek/Getty Images)

So after the NCAA football regular season concluded a few weeks ago, I watched ESPN’s weekly “BCS Countdown.” I have no idea why I decided to watch it, as I already knew that Notre Dame would play Alabama in the national championship and that Wisconsin would be in the Rose Bowl (and didn’t care about anything else).

But for some reason, I subjected my self to ESPN’s 20th show in which two people talk at each other for half an hour or longer without doing anything my Boston University journalism professors would actually consider “reporting.” And in watching this talk show, I discovered the saga of Northern Illinois University.

For those unfamiliar, Northern Illinois went 12-1 and won the Mid-American Conference — a non-automatic qualifying conference with such illustrious teams as Bowling Green, UMass and both Eastern, Western and Central Michigan. Normally, teams like the Huskies wind up with at-large berths to bowl games nobody remembers — in part because the bowls’ names seem to change every two to three years.

But as with seemingly all this related to college athletics, the BCS uses a system of rules so complicated that it would easily baffle most tax lawyers or Talmudic scholars. Through a characteristically bizarre set of circumstances, 15th-ranked Northern Illinois earned a berth in the Discover Orange Bowl — one of the four big-money BCS bowls — against 12th-ranked Florida State on New Year’s Day.

And because Northern Illinois somehow squeaked into the Orange Bowl, four top-10 teams — Georgia, LSU, Texas A&M and South Carolina — were relegated to various iterations of the Not Important Bowl.

I didn’t really care about this story until one of ESPN’s analysts said the following: “No disrespect to [Huskies quarterback] Jordan Lynch. I love everything about his game.”

Nice thing to say, sure. But in the very next sentence, that same analyst said it was an absolute travesty that Northern Illinois would be in the Orange Bowl.

This analyst essentially said, “I love everything about Jordan Lynch’s game. But he isn’t nearly good enough to be worthy of this great honor.”

The on-air guys then cut away to Kirk Herbstreit, another ESPN college analyst, who said Northern Illinois making the Orange Bowl showed how flawed the BCS system is even beyond how it chooses who goes to the national championship.

Because of the blatant hypocrisy I witnessed on “BCS Countdown,” I want the Huskies to win. More, I want them to kick the Seminoles’ asses up and down Sun Life Stadium.

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