Rob Gronkowski Need Not Apologize

Really, people? Is THIS photo worth forcing Rob Gronkowski to apolgize? (

When I first posted about New England Patriot Rob Gronkowski‘s adult-film photo buddy Monday, I treated the story with appropriate mirth. The silliness of it seemed to dwarf anything else.

But when I saw Gronkowski’s backtracking apology Wednesday, my attitude changed completely. And my response will be anything but silly.

Gronkowski has done absolutely nothing wrong. Abso… lutely…. nothing. Gronkowski doesn’t have a wife, nor does he have a girlfriend. He in no way cheated on anyone. His association with a porn star did not violate any romantic relationship he previously had.

Additionally, Bibi Jones is 20 years old. She is a legal, consenting adult. That shouldn’t even matter, because she and Gronkowski (who’s only 2 years older, btw) didn’t have sex. But had they, and assuming no alcohol or coercion was involved, there still wouldn’t be a problem.

All Jones and Gronkowski did was take a couple of pictures. They aren’t pornographic pictures, either: All the important stuff is left to the imagination.

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Rob Gronkowski and Porn Star Bibi Jones: Which is the Hotter Tight End?

Somehow, I think both male and female football fans can enjoy this picture of Rob Gronkowski and porn star Bibi Jones. (

So with no Patriots game last weekend, what did everyone do? Me, I split my time between working at the Head of the Charles Regatta, working at home, and hanging at a few bars that I’d been in many times before.

What did New England Patriot Rob Gronkowski do with his weekend off? He hung out with college buddies in Arizona.

And Bibi Jones.

The porn star.

As much as we love professional athletes, we also secretly hate them. Their jobs are the games we played as children, then gave up when our bodies wouldn’t grow beyond 5’8″, 180 pounds. They make more in one-third of a year than we’ll make in our lifetimes. And they always get the girls.

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