DigBoston: Celtics-76ers Story Live

When Jrue Holiday penetrates the Celtics defense this easily, LeBron James' domination makes a whole lot more sense. Read more at DigBoston.com!

My first 52 Games story for DigBoston should’ve been on the Celtics’ season opener on Christmas Day. But as I discovered, all of Boston shuts down on December 25, and I wound up waiting a week to begin the series.

It’s kind of fitting, then, that my final 52 Games story would also be on the Celtics. Specifically, Game 6 of the Celtics-76ers series late last week.

I predicted then that the Celtics wouldn’t have enough left to beat the more-athletic Miami Heat, and so far I’ve been right. I said Celtics fans should turn out in force for Games 3 and 4 at the Garden this weekend and show their support despite what could very well be a disappointing outcome to the series. Hopefully, I’m right a second time.

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And if you missed my last Wide Month of Sports that appeared in the print edition, here’s the online version.

DigBoston: New England Revolution/Champions League Final Story Live

Striker Saër Sène kicks ass. The rest of the Revolution? Not so much. Read more at DigBoston.com!

I spent half of Saturday watching an epic Champions League final between Bayern Munich and Chelsea at CBS Scene at Patriot Place. I spent the other half watching a not-as-epic MLS game between the New England Revolution and Houston Dynamo at Gillete Stadium. I wrote them up together in one still-considerably epic 52 Games column.

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DigBoston: Northeastern-UConn Baseball Story Live

The Northeastern Huskies last Tuesday played the Connecticut... Huskies. Find out who won in my latest 52 Games!

Northeastern’s athletic program really pales when compared with Boston’s other D-I schools. BC and BU have better men’s hockey, BC and Harvard have actual football teams, and BU and Harvard suddenly have NCAA-competitive basketball teams.

What’s Northeastern got? I went to a Huskies baseball game last week to try and find out, and it’s now up on DigBoston.com.

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DigBoston: Manchester United-Manchester City Story Live

This was the key moment of last Monday's Manchester United-Manchester City match. Find out what happened – and how the Banshee Pub crowd reacted – at DigBoston.com

I knew after having so much fun at Real Madrid-Barcelona that I’d be covering more soccer for DigBoston. I also knew the EPL season was winding down, so I had to act fast before a league even more popular than Spain’s La Liga went away for the year.

Manchester United and Manchester City played each other last Monday for first place in the EPL. Couldn’t have asked for a better setting for 52 Games.

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DigBoston: Boston Cannons Season Opener Story Live

Boston Cannons midfielder Paul Rabil has developed quite a cult following among Massachusetts’ lacrosse-playing youth. Learn more at DigBoston.com

Though I certainly find lacrosse’s Native American origins fascinating, I didn’t love my first lacrosse game (BU-Notre Dame). I figured I needed to give the game another shot, and the Boston Cannons’ season opener Saturday at Harvard Stadium provided just such an opportunity. Simultaneously, I figured it would make a great 52 Games for DigBoston.

The second time around, I had a lot more fun. And I added a new press pass to my collection!

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DigBoston: Real Madrid-Barcelona Story Live

The two best soccer teams in the world played each other Saturday afternoon. Find out who won at DigBoston.com!

I’ve always thought that better competition might actually give soccer a chance in America. Plenty of people play it as kids, so there’s a similar nostalgia to it as there is in baseball. And plenty of Americans come from soccer-loving cultures, so money could definitely be made off a higher-quality product.

But because MLS soccer is only marginally better than D-III college soccer, no one’s ever seen the sport the way it ought to be played.

I got my first taste of real soccer a few years ago when I saw the EPL’s Chelsea play in England. Ever since I’ve wanted to witness a Real Madrid-Barcelona game. Well, they played Saturday afternoon, and I covered it for 52 Games.

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DigBoston: Fenway Opener and Boston Marathon Stories

Another week, another two stories for DigBoston. And since my second “Wide Month of Sports” column will be in next week’s print edition, that means for three consecutive weeks I’ll have multiple articles published to the website.

I’m moving up in the company!

Check out my Red Sox home opener story, then check out my Boston Marathon story!

DigBoston: Bruins Playoff and Red Sox Preview Stories

Both the Bruins' Chris Kelly and the Capitals' Braden Holtby had a lot to do with the outcome of their first playoff game. Read more at DigBoston.com.

Hurray! Six hundred posts!

A record three articles by me went up on DigBoston this past week: my 52 Games column on the Red Sox season-opener, a 2012 Red Sox preview and a 52 Games Overtime on the first Bruins playoff game.

Both of the Bruins’ games so far have gone to overtime, so don’t get confused – this story is about the first playoff game, which by now most of you know went the Bruins’ way.

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DigBoston: Red Sox Opening Day Story Live

This was the last play of Opening Day. To learn what led up to it, head to DigBoston.com.

We look at the current Red Sox and think of happier days. Like last Thursday, before the season started, so the team hadn’t yet fallen under .500.

I spent Opening Day at Bus Stop Pub in Allston, and I had far more fun than I ever expected. I captured the entire experience for DigBoston.

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DigBoston.com: Gaelic Football Story Live

Gaelic football players hit hard. Find out how hard at DigBoston.com

I thought it’d be a lark to watch a Gaelic football match at Banshee Pub in Dorchester Saturday. Once I realized how honest and raw the sport was (compared with soccer, for instance), I wound up enjoying myself far more than I expected.

The match made for a great DigBoston column.

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