Somerville-Latin Academy Girls’ Tennis Story Live

I’ve written 24 stories for, 22 on Somerville High School. Three stories previewed the spring season, each one focusing on one boys’ and one girls’ team. Three recapped track meets, discussing the results of both the boys and girls.

Of the remaining 16, I wrote nine on boys’ teams and seven on girls teams. Considering how much I believe in and support women’s athletics (though I still don’t watch much WNBA), I’m incredibly pleased about that.

I promised each Somerville coach before the season started that I would cover at least one game. I broke that promise for only three teams: the swimming teams, which I tried to cover but Patch nixed, and the girls’ Ultimate team, which I just couldn’t get to.

Before this past Thursdy, I also hadn’t gotten to a girls’ tennis match. For my very last story, I covered one against Latin Academy.

Check it out! Somerville-Malden Catholic Boys’ Tennis Story Live

Before each season, I do a series of previews on the teams. When I meet a team’s coach for the first time, I always make the promise that I’ll get to at least one game. Of course, once I go full time I’ll obviously cover each team repeatedly. But when limited to a story a week, promising more than one game runs the risk of not following through and then looking unprofessional.

I tried to cover a Somerville boys’ tennis match last week, but the rain washed it out about midway through. Thankfully, the rain held off just enough Monday for Somerville and Malden Catholic to get their tennis match in. It’s now up on

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The rain has wreaked merry havoc with my high school sports coverage lately. The softball game I intended to cover last week got rained out, then the tennis match I covered earlier this week had to suspend activity about a third of the way through. The Greater Boston League website has become a sea of red cancellations, postponements and changes of location

Thankfully, Somerville and Cambridge got their softball game in Wednesday afternoon. Double-thankfully, I was there to recap it for

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I covered a state track meet as my first game story for Somerville Patch, so I always get nostalgic when I cover Somerville’s track team. My latest story is on Wednesday’s dual meet between Somerville’s and Malden’s track teams. Looking at it, I think I can safely say I’ve come a long way in a year.

Check it out! Somerville-Lowell Catholic Boys’ Volleyball Story Live

After a few weeks of spring previews, it’s nice to be back recapping games for And when I get to cover a sport like volleyball, which I both played and enjoy watching, then it’s all the better.

The Somerville Highlanders played the Lowell Catholic Crusaders. The match came down to the fifth game, and the story’s up on YourTown Somerville.

Check it out! Somerville Baseball and Softball Preview Live

I love the spring. Warmer weather, longer days, happier attitudes.

And baseball. I looooove baseball. So of course I relished the opportunity to meet new Somerville High baseball coach Mike DiCato and reconnect with awesome softball coach Bill MacDonald.

After reading my softball and baseball preview on, none of you should ever have to say, “gee, I wonder who the Highlanders’ best pitchers are?” And once the gallery goes up, you’ll also never have to wonder what they look like.

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On a nice warm day like we had most of last week, there’s nothing I love more than grabbing a disc and playing some Ultimate. But when I can’t do that, the next best thing is to watch some other people play Ultimate, then get paid to write about them. asked me to combine a recap of Somerville High’s season-opening Ultimate game Thursday with a feature on the team, and it’s now up on

Check it out!