Welcome to Goose’s Gabs

Goose’s Gabs is the online archive for all sports writing by Matt Goisman, a sports journalism graduate student at Boston University who intends to one day go professional.

On this website you will find articles of all different sorts on all different sports. Game previews and recaps? Check. Opinion and humor columns? Check. Features and profiles? Check. From football to figure skating, high school to professional, Goose’s Gabs has something for everyone.

Matt Goisman first got into sports in 2003, after going through the heartbreak of the Red Sox’s 2003 ALCS loss to the Yankees. Ever since, he has been a devoted fan of the Red Sox, Celtics and Patriots. With Milwaukee-born parents, he also harbors a secret love for the Green Bay Packers (unless they’re playing the Patriots), and a not-so-secret love for the Wisconsin Badgers.

In terms of sports that he actually plays, Matt is an avid Ultimate player with over 10 years of experience. Get him going, and he will wax poetic on the sport’s strategy and culture. He also played capoeira angola for two years.

Matt also writes for local website Sports of Boston and has contributed to school e-mail newsletter BU Today and hyper-local news site Somerville Patch

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