Weekly McAlester News-Capital Roundup

If I could compare my upcoming week to a character in Greek mythology, it would without a doubt be Oedipus. If you don’t get why, watch this clip.

While this past week I juggled two articles a day for our upcoming football magazine, I was able to justify scaling back a bit on daily coverage because there wasn’t a whole lot going on. The second week in August in southeastern Oklahoma is kinda like the day after the MLB All-Star game.

But the fall high school sports season gets underway this week, and that includes McAlester’s volleyball opener Thursday and probably its softball opener Tuesday. I still have four interviews left for the football magazine, and I’ll need to write two articles a day all this week to finish by Saturday. I’ll also probably need to type-set at least one college preview written by somebody else, plus at some point write cuts for all 22 articles I’ll write.

And somewhere in there I need to also come up with at least one more story for Sunday, plus not completely neglect the Wednesday through Friday papers.

I wouldn’t yet say I’m running on fumes. Instead, I’d say my empty gas light just came on, and I’m on the highway. I probably have enough in the tank to get a rest stop, but that paranoia that I might not make it is starting to make noise in the back of my brain.

Hopefully next week’s post won’t be unintelligible gibberish. Here’s what I wrote this week.

The innovator at the alley

Fields leading Tuesday Night Jackpot

Locals turn out for pool tournament

Fall baseball preview: Crowder

Fall baseball preview: Kiowa

Fall baseball preview: Pittsburg

Fall baseball preview: Stuart

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