Weekly McAlester News-Capital Roundup

Funny story: So I’m at the McAlester Army Ammunition Plant on Saturday to cover an archery tournament. My plan had always been to cover the shoot-off, but I’d asked one of the coordinators to find me someone local to this area who’s big into archery and would let me write a feature on him or her.

When I met up with the coordinator, he told me he’d found a real naturalist, a “Davy Crockett type,” in his words, making me very excited. After the shoot-off ended, he introduced me to the guy, telling me about all of his archery accomplishments.

Each time a new accomplishment came up, I laughed and said, “I know.” Because I already knew all about this guy — in fact, I’d written about him a year ago.

Because of the profile I’d planned to write, my former subject wouldn’t really work, because the questions I’d have asked would’ve been identical to the ones I asked the first time. The coordinator offered to find me someone else, but I politely declined.

Instead, I just expanded the archery shoot-off into a double-length story. Here’s it, and everything else from this past week.

Two Buffs make All-State Football Game

Bull Shooters and Lady Bull Shooters star at BCA Nationals

Archery tournament at McAAP this weekend

Summer Pride wraps in McAlester

Lady Buffs edge Lady Hornets

Miners hold 5K fundraiser

Leisa Payne sweeps women’s archery tournament

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