Weekly McAlester News-Capital Roundup

The first time I wrote something that really pissed a coach off, I spent the next four months or so terrified of my next encounter with them. And when that encounter finally came, it did indeed begin with a dressing-down from the coach. Not the worst thing that could’ve happened — I was actually afraid the coach might punch me — but still one that left me feeling a bit sheepish.

A column I wrote in May led to another really negative encounter about a month ago — not with a coach, but with a coach’s loved one. While not as hostile a confrontation, parts of it found their way onto Facebook. And once again I was scared I’d burned a bridge I’d need to cross later.

I met up with the coach in question earlier this week. To my surprise and gratitude, the coach never mentioned any of the stuff that took place over the last month. The coach was cordial, professional and honest, and even hung around for a second interview for an unrelated story I’ll write sometime in the next three weeks.

It’s been my experience that most people only bother to comment if there’s a story they really don’t like. I haven’t heard anything from the coach since the story published, so I assume the coach either liked the story or at least didn’t dislike it.

I learned that not every person hangs onto a grudge as long as every other person. And while some might get annoyed with a story designed to “change the story” about a team — as this story in part tried to do — others will be completely open to the idea.

Either way, I’m very appreciative of the coach for taking the high road in this situation. Here’s everything I wrote this week.

Jerika Parent returns from Olympic soccer camp

Local shooter travels to DC

Miner Summer Pride at full strength

UCA Cheer Camp wraps in Hartshorne

Locals win blind doubles bowling night

Stuart steals way past Indianola

Tim Thomas joins Buffs coaching staff

New disc golf course planned for McAlester

Matt House rising up disc golf ranks

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