Weekly McAlester News-Capital Roundup

Nothing written for Wednesday’s paper plus a furlough means fewer stories. I’m trying to devote more hours to the football magazine now so that when crunch time comes, I don’t have to ask for as much help from other reporters as I did last year. So while the B section suffers now, the A section will suffer less two weeks from now, and to me that’s a fair trade.

As of this post’s publication, two different versions of my double-length Little League AAA state championship story (“Mudhens go 2-0”)  appear on the McAlester News-Capital website. Normally I only put an abbreviated version of my stories online to encourage people to buy the E-Edition of our paper, which I did here. But for reasons I don’t fully understand, someone else put the full version online as well.

If you want to see what my writing really looks like, I encourage you all to check out the full story soon, because it could be just a matter of hours before someone sees the error (or reads about it here) and pulls the second version down.

Oilman wins men’s softball league

Lady Buffs edge Jr. Buffs

Randy Ott keeps looking forward

Lady Hornets too much for Lady Cougars

Muckdogs go 2-0 in Saturday tourney games Mudhens win tournament Sunday

(abbreviated version: Muckdogs go 2-0 in Saturday tourney games)

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