Weekly McAlester News-Capital Roundup

Apparently I forgot to publish last week, so this one is gonna be extra-long.

One of the stories below might put me in some hot water come Wednesday morning. But I figure if I’m gonna get readers mad at me, it should be over an issue I feel strongly about, and not, say, a dumb quote used in a meaningless column about youth basketball camp.

It shouldn’t be hard to figure out which story may not go over so well, and normally I don’t explain my writing choices. I’ve learned by now I can’t please everybody — a mother recently yelled at me because I wrote about her son during football season and didn’t want to do it again for baseball season — so normally I don’t even try.

But people may wonder why I care so much about this issue, and I’ll give my two reasons:

1) I was picked on mercilessly in elementary school for getting good grades. As such, I grew up hating seeing people being mean to other people — and really, what is prejudice but a form of meanness?

2) I’m Jewish. As such, I know very well how easily hateful language and segregating laws can transform into violence and death.

I’ll also add that if people in the majority never take interest in the issues of the minority, the minority will always be left unprotected against a majority that could enforce its will through means far worse than the vote.

Here’s what I wrote this week.

Jason Collins should open floodgates

Demonettes dreaming of state tournament

Drew House: “I can play golf ‘til I’m dead.”

Meghan Dewbery finds her own path

Addison Brown leads by example

Bowling Bulletin: Beer Money wins Monday Men’s second half

McAlester tennis sweeps Burn Out

Buffs walk-off against Highlanders

Buffs track season ends Friday

Beer Money wins Monday Men’s League

District update: Demonettes, Hornets and Lady Hornets win districts

McAlester splits soccer finale

Two Buffs coaches earn OCA honors

No-tap and kids in GBOF summer leagues

Playoffs update: Miners and Demons win districts

Motley brothers help Demons win district

Chargers run-rule Buffs, clinch home regional

Tannehill wins ORES State Track Meet

Lakewood’s John Perry signs with Mid-America Christian

News-Capitals’ Rachel Petersen wins state pool tournament

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