Weekly McAlester News-Capital Roundup

So when I see “donkey basketball” on a local school’s calendar, I just know I have to cover it. I mean, given my love for alternative sports — underwater hockey, quidditch, Ultimate — how could I not?

I had planned to write a pretty tongue-in-cheek account of the game, but the game actually became suspenseful in the fourth quarter. There was a legitimate comeback, some actual basketball plays, and an air of tension that seemed markedly different from the lighthearted, semi-invested attitude the crowd took through the first three quarters. I took some notes, did some interviews, snapped some pics and went to write it up.

When I finished the recap, I wasn’t crazy about it. Some of the story read as silly, and some of it read as serious. Maintaining tone through a piece is a critical element to journalism, and I hadn’t done that.

Granted, I’m always a harsher critic of my own work than others tend to be, and I do recall inserting a sentence or two that basically said the tone of the night shifted in the fourth quarter. But whether my transitional sentences were enough to explain the tonal inconsistencies, I won’t know until I see my editor Tuesday morning.

Anyway, here’s a week of stories by yours truly.

Jonathan Barickman at home in McAlester

Buffs soccer moves to Savanna

Vanoss sweeps Crowder doubleheader

Miners come up short against Chieftains

Zach Dugan always focused

Tuesday Night Jackpot fishing tournaments return Tuesday

Broncos shut down Buffs

Chad Aldridge’s baseball family

Nick Clark aims high

Cowboys switch to donkeys for fundraiser

Bowling Bulletin: Monday Housewives League still wide open

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