Weekly McAlester News-Capital Roundup

Basketball season is much tougher than football season. All 12 schools in my coverage area fields boys’ and girls’ basketball teams, whereas just seven fielded football teams back in the fall. And of the 12 schools, nearly all of them had at least a boys’ or a girls’ team (or both) worth keeping track.

With football, it was one game a week, and unless another team was playing Thursday and I could cover both, that game was always a McAlester game. Easy to schedule, easy to keep track of. With basketball, every week was a juggling act between McAlester and any other number of potential games, so I was always double-checking schedules to figure out when which teams were at home and which game was most worth covering.

Whereas in the fall I covered the heck out of the Buffs and relegated the other six schools to one story each Sunday (plus the occasional feature), the opposite occurred during basketball season. If anything, I might have over-covered schools like Stuart and Kiowa when I probably should’ve spent more time with McAlester.

Couple all that with a daily schedule in which I often worked in the mornings, had a few hours off and then went back to work in the late-afternoon until usually 9:30 p.m. or later, and you can imagine how exhausted I’d feel at the end of the work week.

No matter how Kiowa does in the state tournament, basketball season will be done for good by Saturday. So for all intents and purposes, this week’s roundup will be my last real time through basketball season.


Playoff Update: Frink-Chambers, Tannehill reach State

Know Your Foe: Grove

Know Your Foe: Bishop Kelley

Lady Ridgerunners knock out Lady Buffs

Comets dominate Buffs at Regionals

Lakewood Christian wins state championship

Yellowjackets bury Miners in consolation semifinal

Bowling Bulletin: Monday Men’s league tightens

Billiards tournament benefits first all-women local team

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