Weekly McAlester News-Capital Roundup

I haven’t been posting a lot of myMcAlester News-Capital stories lately. Given a few minutes, I’m sure I could come up with a few reasons why.

Our archaic internal system, for instance, doesn’t allow me to access the photos I take from the same console I from which I do the majority of my writing, meaning posting any story online means spending time at two different computers.

My online content, for instance, is always such an abbreviated form of my printed version that I feel like online readers don’t don’t get to experience my true style.

My work week, for instance, is so jam-packed with traveling, reporting, writing, editing, photo-editing and everything else that taking an extra 10 minutes to post my content often feels exhausting.

All of those previous statements are absolutely true. But it’s more true that over the last two weeks, I’ve just been lazy. Working briefly with the Boston Globe spoiled me, because there it was someone’s exclusive job to post and monitor web content. All I had to do was email a video ID when I uploaded my highlight reels, and that took at best a minute.

As I went day after day forgetting or being too lazy to post my stuff, the amount of stories left unpublished grew to the point it became overwhelming. So instead of getting bogged down with what I didn’t publish, I decided over the weekend to just forget about old articles that never made it online and wipe the slate clean.

Here’s what I wrote over the weekend. Next week, expect a full crop of stories.

Tahlequah beats McAlester wrestling

Savanna sweeps Haileyville basketball

Local football players named All-District

Lady Diggers win home tournament against Lady Ironheads

Bowling Bulletin: High Flush wins Men’s First Half

Wilburton releases All-District list

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