Weekly McAlester News-Capital Roundup

I try to always arrive at away games an hour early. That gives me plenty of time to grab something to eat, use the bathroom, stop by the press box, chat with the coaches, etc.

So I get to Paul Laird Field in Durant, get all the info I need and head to the concessions stand. While I’m eating a quick dinner, a parent of a McAlester player comes up and greets me.

I’ve spoken with this guy on several other occasions, and he’s always been very friendly towards me. This particular encounter was no different, but it came with a request: the MHS booster club wants me to start doing more stories on the seniors, whose football careers will end next month.

He didn’t ask me rudely, and it wasn’t an unreasonable request. A similar thought had occurred to me recently, and I just hadn’t spent enough time mapping out how to do it to put the idea into action. But considering how many stories I devote to McAlester football each week (three or more out of around 10-12), I was a little shocked that anyone could be dissatisfied with my coverage so far.

This isn’t the first request for more coverage of a certain team — Savanna football, Quinton softball and McAlester softball parents have all sought me out in one fashion or another to ask for more stories. And after this latest request, I’ve come to a conclusion: I’m never going to be able to please all of my readers.

No matter what I do, someone will always be pissed that his or her team isn’t getting enough coverage or the right kind of coverage. And if I can’t please everybody, I may as well just stick to my journalistic instincts and run my sports department (and for all intents and purposes, it is all mine) the way I want.

Here’s what I wrote this week.

Taeam Kang breaks the mold

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Buffaloes too much for Lions in Durant

Box score: McAlester 41, Durant 14

Region Roundup: Hartshorne’s roll continues

Savanna man kills 675-pound black bear

Kolton Montgomery fights for every yard

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