Weekly McAlester News-Capital Roundup

No matter the teams, I always try to catch the last game of a championship series like the World Series or NBA Finals. I’ll even watch a team I hate, like the Heat or basically every team from New York.

Basically, I just like watching people celebrate. It’s been my experience that winning teams tend to celebrate the same way and to the same degree no matter the sport or level of competition. That says something about human nature, though I’m not sure what.

And because of the kick I get out of other people’s victories, I’ve always wanted to cover a championship. Doesn’t matter if it’s the Super Bowl, the USA Ultimate national tournament finals or just a state high school championship. And I got my wish Saturday night, when I drove up to Oklahoma City to cover Savanna softball’s state championship game.

Only problem… Savanna didn’t win. A team celebrated, and I enjoyed that, but it wasn’t the team I’d written about many times before, the team’s whose pitching phenom I profiled earlier in the season.

Instead, it was a bunch of kids my readers wouldn’t know or care about. So while I got to report on a championship game, I didn’t get the post-game interviews I wanted because the team Iknew about didn’t win.

So call the experience a half-win for me. My next goal: cover a team that wins a championship.

While I wait for that opportunity to present itself, here’s some more stuff I wrote for the News-Cap.

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Pryor bats timely against McAlester in regional tournament

McAlester shuts down Hale

Wayne beats Savanna in extra innings of state final

Box score: McAlester 56, Hale 14

Caleb Hays leads in Quinton

VIDEO: McAlester-Hale football highlights

Stuart baseball coach reflects on State Tournament

Wrapping up McAlester softball

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