Weekly McAlester News-Capital Roundup

Between a furlough and Labor Day, this was a short week for me at the McAlester News-Capital. But because I had Saturday to work on coverage of Friday’s McAlester football game, I was able to write a whole lot more about it. The story came out better than last week’s, the video came out better – though I’m still trying to solve the games taking so long my camera fills up by the third quarter – my first stab at a box/stat sheet turned out pretty well, and I even got in touch with every other coach from around the region to discuss the other games Thursday and Friday night.

So not as many stories this week, but I’m really happy with each one!

Bunts help McAlester past Savanna softball

Box score: Booker T Washington 27, McAlester 17

Hornets shut down Buffs in second half

Regional Roundup: Hartshorne picks QB

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