I’m Just Not “Feeling” Andrea Kremer

“How are you feeling” is simultaneously the most generic and most difficult question a reporter can ask. Unfortunately, Andrea Kremer doesn’t seem to know how to ask Olympic swimmers anything else. (NBC)

I don’t often publicly bash another sports writer. I might critique a particular article, suggesting a way it could’ve been written better, but actually call someone a bad reporter? I try really hard to resist that urge.

These people are, after all, my colleagues, and 99.99 percent of the time, they’ve been in the game longer than I. That, if nothing else, makes them potential future contacts. Alienating them would be unwise, and bashing someone who’s job I secretly want would just be petty.

But I can’t remain silent on this anymore. The 2012 Summer Olympics have already given us the greatest Olympian ever, the best women’s gymnastics team in U.S. history, the resurgence of the U.S. diving program, and maybe the only time in recorded history that the words “badminton” and “lose on purpose” have appeared in the same sentence.

Nevertheless, a black cloud hangs over London. And that cloud’s name is Andrea Kremer.

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