Weekly McAlester News-Capital Roundup

Furloughs are really annoying. They shrink my weekly hours from 40 to 32, and since I work a weird schedule – nights followed by days, for instance – it gets pretty easy to burn hours faster than I realize. Then suddenly I’m on the last day before the forced day off with an entire story to do: conduct the interview/cover the event, shoot some pics, edit the pics, write cutlines for the pics, write the story, edit the story, post everything online… and with about an hour and half left of available hours.

Overtime is usually available, but I don’t like putting added pressure on my editor by asking for it. Plus, I have to explain what happened (slightly humiliating), then guess how many extra hours I need (somewhat difficult).

I had a furlough this week, and I also spent an entire day in Oklahoma City at a sports journalism workshop. So with only three days on the job, this particular chunk of stories is kinda light.

Oh well – I’ll just have to blog more during the week!

Billy Lee and Tina Hamilton Defend Home Turf at McAlester Rodeo

For Parkers, Bowfishing a Family Affair

Hartshorne’s Doyle Wilson Finding Few Billiards Opponents

Parker Family Wins State Bowfishing Championship

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