Somerville-Latin Academy Girls’ Tennis Story Live

I’ve written 24 stories for, 22 on Somerville High School. Three stories previewed the spring season, each one focusing on one boys’ and one girls’ team. Three recapped track meets, discussing the results of both the boys and girls.

Of the remaining 16, I wrote nine on boys’ teams and seven on girls teams. Considering how much I believe in and support women’s athletics (though I still don’t watch much WNBA), I’m incredibly pleased about that.

I promised each Somerville coach before the season started that I would cover at least one game. I broke that promise for only three teams: the swimming teams, which I tried to cover but Patch nixed, and the girls’ Ultimate team, which I just couldn’t get to.

Before this past Thursdy, I also hadn’t gotten to a girls’ tennis match. For my very last story, I covered one against Latin Academy.

Check it out!

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