DigBoston: Real Madrid-Barcelona Story Live

The two best soccer teams in the world played each other Saturday afternoon. Find out who won at DigBoston.com!

I’ve always thought that better competition might actually give soccer a chance in America. Plenty of people play it as kids, so there’s a similar nostalgia to it as there is in baseball. And plenty of Americans come from soccer-loving cultures, so money could definitely be made off a higher-quality product.

But because MLS soccer is only marginally better than D-III college soccer, no one’s ever seen the sport the way it ought to be played.

I got my first taste of real soccer a few years ago when I saw the EPL’s Chelsea play in England. Ever since I’ve wanted to witness a Real Madrid-Barcelona game. Well, they played Saturday afternoon, and I covered it for 52 Games.

Check it out!

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