Brookline Access Television: My First Broadcast!!

Brookline Access TV always needs play-by-play guys for Brookline High games. Their spring scheduled included two boys’ volleyball games, and I thought, “Hey! I played for Brookline boys’ volleyball for four years! I’d be a perfect play-by-play or color commentator!”

So I covered the Warriors’ season-opener against the Weymouth Wildcats last Friday, and the game’s now up on It was my first play-by-play game ever (and I was by myself), and BATV’s a pretty small outfit, so the final product definitely has some mistakes. But I hope y’all still get a kick out of hearing me doing a longer-form narration than my normal highlight reels.

Check it out!

And if you’d rather download the file and watch it in segments (it’s a three-game match, so over an hour long), click here.

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