Patriots Links 9/15/10

Welcome back to my weekly Patriots links. With running back Laurence Maroney trade to the Denver Broncos today, the web was ablaze with breakdowns and analyses. No one could say that they were surprised by the deal or that it did not make sense. Maroney’s seasons with the Patriots were plagued by increasingly fewer games due to injury and increasing ineffectiveness when he did play. The man just never seemed to learn how to cut up field with any success. Tom Brady and Jets coach Rex Ryan also spoke to the press today, with Brady calling out Patriots fans for leaving early in last Sunday’s victory, and Ryan discussing the upcoming game against the Jets. Finally, Randy Moss called in to ESPN’s SportsCenter yesterday, then gave an interview to the Boston Herald. He wants the issue of his contract dropped now that he’s aired his grievances, it just remains to be seen whether the media will allow this to happen.

Mike Reiss reports on Brady’s Wednesday locker room press meeting, wherein Brady says Patriots fans’ early exit from Sunday’s game angered him. Reiss also breaks down Brady’s new contract, explaining what’s guaranteed, what’s a signing bonus, what’s a workout bonus, and what’s his base salary.

ESPN Boston also has a recap of Moss’s Tuesday morning call-in to SportsCenter.

At the Boston Globe’s website, Steve Silva has the full transcript of Brady’s press meeting. Among his many comments, Brady said that yes, the Patriots play harder in Jets games, fueled by the crowd intensity and the importance to the division standings.

Shalise Manza Young has the practice report and a breakdown of today’s Maroney trade, and Albert Breer tells us that while Jets cornerback Darelle Revis won’t back down from calling Moss a slouch in January, Revis still thinks Moss is “one of the best receivers in the game today.”

Tony Massarotti wonders whether Ryan’s boisterousness shows he wants to win, or perhaps just wants the attention.

Over at the Herald, Karen Guregian interviewed Moss and reports that he spoke after the win because he felt that “if any person let’s something like that stay in, it causes problems. So the best thing to do is let it out.” Guregian and Ian Rapoport have Maroney’s reaction to his trade, and they wonder whether the Patriots might have traded him because they want to draft Alabama running back Mark Ingram in 2011, since they have the Oakland Raiders’ first-round draft pick at their disposal.

On his own Rapoport argues that with Jets nose tackle Kris Jenkins out for the season, the Patriots offensive line’s task gets “gets just a little easier.”

At, Danny Picard reports on Ryan‘s Wednesday conference call, where Ryan calls Wes Welker “a matchup nightmare.” Tom Curran, meanwhile, says that while the Jets have been talking all along, the Patriots are making themselves scarce, preferring not to engage in a shouting match with the Jets before gameday.

At, Jerry Thornton admits that he was glad to see Maroney go, mostly because convincing anyone that he was an asset to the Patriots got harder every year. Christopher Price says that Maroney’s downfall started during the 2009-2010 season, when he had four particularly bad fumbles.

Mike Petraglia gives Rex Ryan’s comments that the Jets are not likely to sign former Patriots linebacker Adalius Thomas, then links to a Miami Sun Sentinel article that says the Dolphins, however, might.

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