Favre Undaunted by Lambeau Boo-Birds

I’ve said it before, for a real long time Brett Favre was my sports hero. He was a major part of my sports childhood, and I have numerous happy memories of watching him play when I was a kid and even as a recently as a few years ago. Remember his Monday night game against Oakland after his dad died? Wasn’t that amazing? So I found it incredibly difficult to watch him in a Vikings uniform playing at Lambeau Field. Part of me still wanted to root for him. I would’ve been one of the few doing so.

Brett Favre ran onto Lambeau Field to a chorus of boos from the Green Bay crowd, and it never let up. All game long, Favre was booed. Unfortunately, it did nothing to affect him. Because what we saw tonight was vintage Brett Favre, or as close as he can come to it today. Against a decent Green Bay secondary, Brett Favre still managed to pass for 244 yards and a whopping 4 touchdowns. Despite having one of the best running backs in the game in Adrien Peterson, this was still the Brett Favre show all day long.

To be fair, the Packers stayed in this one until the bitter end. Despite being down by as much as 21 points, they never gave up. The problem, once again, was protection for Aaron Rodgers. You can’t give up six sacks to the opposing team and expect to win. Sacks are, to use a commentator’s words, turnovers without the change of possession. They eat up the clock, kill the crowd, and force much longer offensive plays than would otherwise be necessary. God knows how many yards were lost in sacks alone.

The Packers showed some life in the second half, to be sure. Their running game got a lot better, and they started sustaining some nice long offensive drives. Meanwhile, the Vikings looked like they were finally starting to tire. I saw numerous missed tackles by Minnesota in the second half, and it led to several plays that should have gone for little or no gain instead going for big gains. All this led to Green Bay only being down by four midway through the fourth quarter. Unfortunately, a first down here, a ridiculous Adrien Peterson screen there, and the Vikings did just enough in the fourth quarter to put the game out of reach. When Favre connected for his fourth TD, you knew the game was not going to go Green Bay’s way.

The Vikings are a very good team this year, there’s no doubting that. They have a great quarterback, an amazing running back, and an incredibly solid defense that gets even tougher when opponents get into the red zone. Green Bay, on the other hand, has a decent QB, a decent RB, and a pretty solid defense as well. This has earned them second place in the NFC North and hopefully will get them into the playoffs. Unfortunately, they won’t go anywhere if their offensive line can’t tighten up (and if Aaron Rodgers can’t smarten up) and stop opposing lines from penetrating quite so much.

This game was about Brett Favre’s return. Unfortunately, he returned the villain, and no one likes seeing the villain win. But in my heart, I still have problems rooting against him. Hopefully, the Packers and the Vikings won’t meet again, and I won’t have to worry about it.

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