Favre Leaves Old Team in the Dust

I have a very violent friend who’ll hit me if I don’t say this first, so here goes: Brett Favre is a douchebag. There, I’ve said it, now please don’t hit me. Anyway, the Vikings beat the Packers pretty handily last night, 30-23. I have to say, I expected as much, I just didn’t think the game would play out exactly as it did, for several reasons:

1) I expected this to be the Adrien Peterson show. Quite simply, he is the best running back in the NFL today. When you have a back of that caliber, you use him and use him and use him until the passing game is wide open for you because of how terrified the defense is of the run. I then expected to see Favre start to open up. Instead, the Green Bay defense played a pretty good run defense yesterday, holding Peterson to just 55 yards rushing and TD. Overall, they surrendered just 63 yards of rushing offense, and for that they can be proud. They put the game in the hands of a 40-year-old quarterback and asked him to win the game for Vikings. Unforunately…

2) Favre won the game for them. He threw for 3 TDs and 271 yards. I thought Favre was too old to be anything more than a competent quarterback. As I’ve said before, with a good running back you only need a competent QB to keep the other team honest. Many teams in the NFL don’t even have that! You know, the crappy teams like St. Louis or Washington. So having the combination of a great running back and what is clearly still a GREAT quarterback in Favre will make the Vikings offense very difficult to contain. Favre can still beat you in the air when he needs to, and when he can’t the Vikes still have the best RB in the game. The Vikings offense is DANGEROUS!

3) I didn’t realize the Vikings defense was as good as it is. They effectively contained the run, limiting the team to only 82 yards on the ground (16 by the quarterback himself), and they sacked Aaron Rodgers 8 times, including once for a safety. Jared Allen is a monster pass rusher. The Vikings defense curtailed the running game and put the ball in Aaron Rodgers’ hands. To his credit, Rodgers did pretty well, passing for 384 yards and 2 TDs. But he also gave up an interception, fumbled the ball away, and took a safety.

All in all, the Packers proved they are a good, competitive team with Aaron Rodgers manning the helm. The problem is that the Vikings are a GREAT team with Brett Favre manning the helm. With excellent running, passing, and defense, I think the Vikings are proving they are absolutely the real deal this season. They are going to be very tough to beat.

As a postscript, I want to say that I don’t exactly blame Favre for going to the Vikings. It’s a betrayal, absolutely, but can you really expect a man to turn down $10 million to continue to play the game that he loves and do the only job that he knows how? If your rival company offered you a huge salary bump to jump ship, wouldn’t you do it? These players don’t believe they represent their cities as much as we do as fans, so to them these are all business decisions. Favre made a business decision, and as much as it breaks my heart to see him in purple, I can’t get too mad at him. Still, I would’ve cheered if the Pack had managed a sack.

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